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About Us  

The Southeastern Ohio Civil War Roundtable was formed in 1996 by men and women of Guernsey County, many of whom had ancestors that fought in the Civil War. Their purpose was to engage in educational activities with regard to the Civil War including sponsoring reenactments and the historical preservation of items and sites related to the Civil War. 

Our Roundtable has approximately 40 active members from Guernsey, Noble and Muskingum counties. Guests are always welcome at our monthly meetings. Membership dues are $15 (individual), $25 (married couple) and $30 (family). Many of our members participate in reenactments throughout Ohio and other states. We also assist in local community events as a means to educate persons about the Civil War.

The photo on our home page is the Civil War monument located in front of the courthouse in downtown Cambridge. It honors Guernsey County’s participation in the Civil War. Almost 2,500 men from Guernsey County fought for the Union. Many were wounded or killed in such major battles as Antietam, Chickamauga, Atlanta and Franklin, among others. A Confederate general, Walter Paye Lane, was raised in Guernsey County. He was involved in battles in the states of Texas and Arkansas. (For more information about Walter Paye Lane, click here.)

Perhaps the biggest event in Guernsey County’s Civil War history was Morgan's Raid. The Confederate cavalry commanded by General John Hunt Morgan passed through Guernsey County on July 23-24, 1863 as they were pursued by Union troops. An armed skirmish occurred in the village of Old Washington when the Confederates encountered a Union cavalry led by General James M. Shackleford. Three Confederate soldiers were killed and are buried in the cemetery in Old Washington. An Ohio Historical Marker designates the spot where the skirmish occurred. (For more information regarding Morgan's Raid, click here.)

Our monthly meetings always include a presentation on some aspects of the Civil War. We have been fortunate to have presentations from Civil War experts from throughout Ohio as well as some of our members. Our meetings have quite lively discussions regarding that month's presentations. We hope you will join us!

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