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Photos: Submitted by Nancy Ankrum Rose

This is a picture of my great-great-grandfather, Archibald Porter Ankrum, who fought in the Civil war with the 122OVI, Company K. He lost a finger on his hand when he was behind a tree loading a musket in the battle of the wilderness.

He told stories to his grandchildren about how beautiful the Shenandoah valley was.

Spent time as a prisoner at Libby prison in Roanoke, VA

Was a member of the W.R.C.D. GAR post of V and Taylor Circle.

Born in 1843 in Harrison County and died at 4th street in Cambridge at the age of 81. Buried at Northwood. He outlived his wife and four of his five children.

 Notice his Civil War pin on his jacket.

~Nancy Ankrum Rose

Here is another picture of Archibald and his family.

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